SHOWCASE: MONTAGS at EXIL // Volksmusig im Volkshuus

GLOBAL AWARNESS communicates and reaches beyond the location and opens digital doors to local stages.

AUDIENCE BUILDING addresses a global audience that is not able to be part of local performances because of classical access barriers as too far, too expensive, sold out! Venue Values
  • Multicamproduction & Streaming
  • Content Editing
  • Weekly publishing at

LOCATION PROMOTION enables a local audience to enjoy also after the event itself.  Online-vouchers for online access included in entrance open a sustainable availability of a visited event. Event Voucher Event Voucher Volksmusig im Volkshuus Voucher Volksmusig im Volkshuus Voucher
  • Global visibility
  • Increase of visitor numbers
  • Technical enviroment (Cameras, Distribution etc.), operating and production


Once performing arts are on stage every secondary exploitation at will add a value for stakeholders like artists, event managers, site operators. -Subscription Services
Voucher Ticketing

Offline sales promotion for online streaming,
e.g. ticket voucher for online access

  • Additional revenues through secondary exploitation
  • Sustainable availability of content